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Book Snatcher is a constantly evolving project determined to streamline the online quest for the most affordable textbooks.

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Campus Interns

Book Snatcher exists on hundreds of campuses across North America. A key factor to a successful expansion is the role of our campus representatives. Book Snatcher partners with self-motivated individuals or groups at each school to conduct an extensive guerilla marketing campaign. This is a paid opportunity. To learn more, email info@booksnatcher.com.


In 2010, a college student studying political science in New Orleans decided it was time to take a stand against outrageous textbook prices levied by textbook publishers and campus bookstores. The first version of Book Snatcher took a week to create. Today, Book Snatcher offers information on assigned textbooks for hundreds of schools across North America as well as online price comparisons for indvidual books. The newest addition to the site is the book exchange. Learn More